Bucket List

Hey guys,

I’ve had a growing list tucked away for the last couple of years and thought it was time to share it so you can gain a little insight to the sort of things I want to do. Hopefully I can influence and inspire you guys to check out of some of the things and in turn you can help me add to the list with your own adventures. It’s not just a list of sights I want to see but also things I’d love to learn. I never put it in any particular order and it’s certainly not a strict travel plan but a few things that I think if I get the chance I’ll be jumping all over it. Would love to hear some of your highlights and hopefully we can grow this list together.

  1. Everest Base Camp
  2. Antarctica
  3. Scuba Diving
  4. Crash a wedding
  5. Train in an ancient martial art (Thailand, August 2014) – Muay Thai
  6. Dive with Whale Sharks – (Mexico, May,2011) 
  7. See Blue Whales in the wild
  8. Donate Blood
  9. Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis
  10. Appear in a Bollywood movie  (April,2014)
  11. Spend some time in a yoga or meditation camp – (India, April,2014) See my post about Vipassana in India
  12. Machu Picchu
  13. Paragliding  (Varkala, India,February, 2014)
  14. Diving with Sharks.
  15. Caravan across a country
  16. Write a book
  17. See a solar or lunar eclipse.
  18. Visit the pyramids
  19. Live in the Wild
  20. See Lava 
  21. La Tomatina
  22. Holi Festival, India (March, 2014)
  23. Burning Man Festival, USA
  24. The Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls, Zambia
  25. Skydiving (November,2008)
  26. Camel Safari in Rajasthan
  27. Visit Uluru
  28. Buy a stranger lunch
  29. Experience a White Christmas (Canada, Christmas 2010)
  30. Eat insects in Thailand (Bangkok, July 2014)
  31. Travel through the Rockies of Canada
  32. Attend the Edinburgh Fringe festival
  33. Go to Oktoberfest
  34. Visit the town my family originates from in Scotland
  35. Learn to dance salsa in South America
  36. See Gorillas in Rwanda
  37. Go Bungee-jumping
  38. Have a Christmas dinner with a homeless man
  39. Visit Iguazu Falls in Argentina
  40. Visit an Ice Hotel
  41. Go see Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  42. Learn to Surf
  43. Go outdoor rock-climbing
  44. Heli-boarding in Canada
  45. Climb a lighthouse
  46. Live on a self-sustaining farm
  47. Visit the Detian Falls, Chine
  48. Scuba-Dive between tectonic plates in Iceland
  49. Drink coffee made from the poo of Civets in Vietnam

This is my list at the moment but I what I really want now is to grow it. So send in all your suggestions, things you’ve done or want to do and I might add them to the list.